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A Note from Leslee Hill

Owner of Hill Image Consulting

Leslee Hill here — founder and sole consultant of Hill Image, LLC, an independent Personal Image Consulting company located in Fort Wayne, IN.

Hill Image began in 2014 after a 15 year career as a fashion designer, developer and forecaster with Spiegel Catalog Co, Icelandic Design, Vera Bradley and The Good Ones. Hill Image’s mission coalesced as I reflected on both my favorite and least favorite aspects of the fashion industry.

I especially enjoyed using fashion to help individuals feel better about themselves, however I was constantly bothered by the excessive waste in the industry overall. Hill Image strives to help individuals use fashion effectively and efficiently. Through Image Consulting, I encourages clients to only buy what they need in the sizes and colors that fit them perfectly.

Weekly Course Work

Each week you will be assigned a list of questions that are to be answered in completion the day before the Conference Call. The assigment, along with any reading assignments, will be discussed on the weekly call.


Private Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook Group for support and peer-to-peer mentoring. We invite you share your experiences, ask follow members questions, and seek advice. Interact with Leslee as she shares course related materials with the group.

Weekly Call

Leslee Hill will invite participants to ask questions during the call so that group members can learn from challenges faced by others.  Please note that a restricted amount of questions will be addressed on the call due to time limitations. 

9to5 From the Hill - Online Course Logo 5 Week Curriculum


INTRO: Complete the Welcome Pack, conduct Interviews and Personal Analysis, and obtain reading materials provided upon sign up. Professional Headshot photo. Please see Kristine Logan Photography before Section 5 celebration.
SECTION 1: Create and Fine tune your personal Vision, Mission, and Brand Statement to work together. Update social media and discuss how to live your life according to your statements.
SECTION 2: Decipher and embrace your body, skin, etc. Based on the findings, select you Fashion Idol. Understand how their style will look on your body and with your features. Understand how to use color to get what you want. Learn how to see color and use it to create a wardrobe that emulates confidence.

SECTION 3: Review First Impression along with Current Image Analysis and determine if changes will be enlisted. Learn the 1, 2, 3's of Accessorizing.
SECTION 4: Learn how to shop like a stylist and curate outfits out of the clothes you already own.
SECTION 5: See the parts as a whole. Develop a checks and balance system to stay on track.



Client Testimonials

Revitalize Your Wardrobe

9 TO 5 : From the Hill is a 5 week online course where you will work with Leslee Hill, President of Hill Image, to create your ideal Personal Brand. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity simply because this course combines Personal Branding aspects with proven Wardrobe Idealism techniques to create a total package. It covers 5 milestone topics: Mission, Vision and Brand Statements, Wardrobe Wake-up techniques, and outward Confidence cues and so much more.


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