Leslee Hill
Founder Hill Image, LLC
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LocationFort Wayne, Indiana
Current WorkImage Consultant, Fashion Designer
Experience15+ Years


Leslee Hill founded Hill Image, LLC in 2014 to "focus on the customer". Leslee's 15+ years in the fashion industry includes jobs such as: retail associate, apparel and accessory fashion and technical designer, product developer, and forecaster. She has worked and traveled the globe for companies such as Ann Taylor, Spiegel Catalog, Icelandic Design, Vera Bradley, and The Good Ones. Learning more and more about color, line and design, and merchandising, Leslee decided to bring it all back to the customer. "You are so far removed from the customer the bigger a company grows. If you look at fashion today, most designs are not focused on what colors flatter skin, hair or eye colors of humans. We focus on trends. I want to focus on the customer again. I will provide clients my years of experience while instilling confidence."