31 May 2016

Happy Closet TV Spot

Everyone has been nagging me to create a good “30 second commercial” (verbal introduction) 😀Well, I took their advice but I turned it into a video. Whoops 😜 Thanks Vicki Gallagher at Comcast, Dan Katter of media 401, Tru Aura by Angie Gibson (amazing make-up artist), and my actress Becky Hill for creating this superb...
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25 Feb 2017

I wore these pants yesterday… and the day before yesterday…

Do you find yourself wearing the same pair of pants day after day?  Not a pair that look like the pair you wore today, but literally the same pair? You are not alone. Meet Hallie.  Hallie is in her 30’s, unwilling to wear her correct size, yet wanting to feel good about her image. This...
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11 Feb 2017

Pack 1 suitcase, for 1 week, with endless options

Now don’t tune me out or think I’m crazy until you hear me out… or see the photos I took of all the outfits I just UNpacked from a week’s vacation recently. First, I have a few questions for you.  Typically we begin the packing process by evaluating the WEATHER and your trip AGENDA. What is your...
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21 Dec 2016

Hello Gorgeous Styling

It is 7:00am on the 3rd Monday of the month.  I wave to my son on the bus after kissing him and providing a gentle shove out the door because he has likely dawdled in getting his shoes and coat on :-D.  I sit down on the couch wondering if I should walk upstairs to...
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10 Dec 2016

PB Buzz

Personal Branding is profitable. On average, we speak 7k-20k words every day.  Although it’s hard to quantify, it is said that we type 700-4000 words in any given hour depending on your profession (or your emotional state).  When you create a personal brand, every word you speak, type or even think, starts to align with...
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