8 Jul 2017

Turning 13

At this point in our lives, we have a full closet.  We may despise everything in it, but that is a personal battle we wage.  We typically don’t worry that others may ridicule us for what we wear.  We may try to hide from others because we want to hide our current body, but we...
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13 Jun 2017

(song) Wake me Up Before You go go

Often times clients are eager to go shopping because they feel they have NOTHING to wear.  I really prefer to start in the closet.  What we are used to seeing day in and day out, and skip over, may be the best thing in your closet! Let me introduce you to two recent clients.  The...
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15 May 2017

FW Living Mag Styling (May Issue)

I started selling the J.Hilburn brand of clothing last May.  A top performer in the company introduced me to the brand and I ended up LOVING the quality and the fact that it was all custom made.  (Custom made went right along with my desire to change the fashion industry to create less waste.)   I...
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9 May 2017

2017 Spring Fashion Trends– made wearable

Hill Image presented at Tapestry for the third year in a row. Check out how Hill Image made the 2017 trends wearable. Thank you to all my clients who modeled for the event, all those who attended, and Kristine Logan Photography for capturing the fun!  Thank you to IPFW Continuing Ed for promoting my late Spring...
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25 Feb 2017

I wore these pants yesterday… and the day before yesterday…

Do you find yourself wearing the same pair of pants day after day?  Not a pair that look like the pair you wore today, but literally the same pair? You are not alone. Meet Hallie.  Hallie is in her 30’s, unwilling to wear her correct size, yet wanting to feel good about her image. This...
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