21 Dec 2016

Hello Gorgeous Styling

It is 7:00am on the 3rd Monday of the month.  I wave to my son on the bus after kissing him and providing a gentle shove out the door because he has likely dawdled in getting his shoes and coat on :-D.  I sit down on the couch wondering if I should walk upstairs to...
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10 Dec 2016

PB Buzz

Personal Branding is profitable. On average, we speak 7k-20k words every day.  Although it’s hard to quantify, it is said that we type 700-4000 words in any given hour depending on your profession (or your emotional state).  When you create a personal brand, every word you speak, type or even think, starts to align with...
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13 Nov 2016

Do people take you seriously?

“Last night at my presentation, the host told me that the reason some men don’t take me seriously in business is not because I’m a woman, it’s because I’m cute.” This was the beginning of a slew of similar comments in an online networking group I belong to.  It really made me start to think.  Had...
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13 Jul 2016

Best Story EVER

So it was a typical Thursday.  I had a couple meetings and then headed to a client’s to conduct a Wardrobe Evaluation.  As you know, I have a slight love for my clients so any day I actually get to conduct a service with a client is fabulous!  Anyhow, it was a wonderfully fun and...
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21 Jun 2016

Sitting in it

The whole concept of the movie Inside Out centers around letting yourself feel your emotions.  Sitting in them for awhile, if you will.  Well, tonight I finished the last service of a package purchased by a fantastic client.  It’s always a strange feeling.  One of elation: as if you are seeing your child take off...
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