13 Jul 2016

Best Story EVER

So it was a typical Thursday.  I had a couple meetings and then headed to a client’s to conduct a Wardrobe Evaluation.  As you know, I have a slight love for my clients so any day I actually get to conduct a service with a client is fabulous!  Anyhow, it was a wonderfully fun and...
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21 Jun 2016

Sitting in it

The whole concept of the movie Inside Out centers around letting yourself feel your emotions.  Sitting in them for awhile, if you will.  Well, tonight I finished the last service of a package purchased by a fantastic client.  It’s always a strange feeling.  One of elation: as if you are seeing your child take off...
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31 May 2016

Happy Closet TV Spot

Everyone has been nagging me to create a good “30 second commercial” (verbal introduction) 😀Well, I took their advice but I turned it into a video. Whoops 😜 Thanks Vicki Gallagher at Comcast, Dan Katter of media 401, Tru Aura by Angie Gibson (amazing make-up artist), and my actress Becky Hill for creating this superb...
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2 Mar 2016

Revealing Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for years and they’ve increased in popularity more now than ever but are they acceptable and appropriate in all settings? Tattoos are a form of self expression for many and as they’ve gained popularity, the way they’re perceived has changed as well.  If you’ve considered inking your body, there are still...
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” the best views come after the hardest climbs “