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8 Jul 2017

Defying social norms: Wedding edition


You have two children.

One is getting married.  One is in high school.  You are fretting over wedding arrangements, comparing your dress to that of the Mother of the Groom’s, wondering how you will react when you see your ex-husband for the first time in years… with his new wife on his side.

All of a sudden, you realize your high school daughter has nothing to wear to the wedding.  You cannot handle this stress, as well.  You hire Hill Image to help:  “Please take her to find a dress.  She despises shopping, wears all black all the time, and ends up wearing her combat boots every day.  I LOVE her, I want to find something she loves.

So off we go!  Just her and I.

… It is not fun.

We are both miserable, but playing along.

“Not to be rude, but I have hated everything you have picked out.” She says. “I told my mom not to do this.”

“I know.  🙁  We are shopping for things you hate to wear.  You are NEVER going to like anything I pick out because we are picking out things you don’t wear.”

We stand there looking down at the floor for a moment.  I am defeated (It KILLLLLLSSSS me when I can’t make someone happy).  She is defeated.  We want to quit, but we agree for one last ditch effort at Glenbrook Mall (her living Hell).

We arrive at JCPenny and I am holding a jumpsuit.

“HI”  I say with all the upbeat attitude I can muster as she enters the store.  Then… it clicks!!!

“…Hey… what do you think of Ellen DeGeneres’s look?”  I tread lightly bc this is a pivotal moment, not just for today’s excursion, but for life in general (because fashion says so much about a person).  I don’t want to offend her.  I want her to feel comfortable.  I LOVEEE Ellen’s style.  I’m holding my breath.

‘I LOVE HER STYLE!”  She enthusiastically responds.

The ENTRIE MOOD HAS CHANGED.  She is flitting around the store.  She is floating on air.  There is excitement in her voice, a smile on her face, a twinkle in her eye.


We both basically HOVER over to New York & Co and find colored, button down shirts that fit her hourglass figure perfectly!!  We pair a lovely blush shirt with seersucker pants.  She is so happy she practically yells “this is so much fun!”


I love this child.  She is smart.  She is funny.  She is mature and kind and unique.  She is amazingly gorgeous.  This is a moment that hopefully sets her up for fashion bliss the rest of her life—owning her uniqueness/ embracing her WONDERFUL sense of self.  It is definitely a moment that I hope becomes one of MY core memories (Inside Out movie).

Life is good.  I love my job.


ps—her mother was beyond thrilled (she is equally as wonderful as her daughter and loves her children for exactly who they are—not what they wear) and cried because her daughter found her style voice that night.

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