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21 Dec 2017

Ego and the Grocery Store

You know those grocery stores you walk into, the ones you hate you can’t stay in for hours because it smells like petrouli and feels like a spa?  The ones where all the food looks 10 times more delicious than (a) YOUR grocery store and (b) than it ever will sitting in your dirty fridge?  Yes, those.  I want to work at one of those.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while.  If ever someone asks me what my dream job is (other than this), I say “a buyer for a trendy grocery store”.  I’m not lying.  But in my head, I see me working in said grocery store every day (not a bland corporate headquarters) and traveling all over the world to taste amazing food/drink.

I wonder if that’s how those jobs work?  😀

Anyway, I was getting lunch at Earth Fare the other day and the wonderful woman at the counter asked me if I knew anyone that would work a register.  She said they’re having a horrible time keeping the store staffed.  “People come in for a shift and never return.  I don’t get it.  It’s not even like it’s a bad place to work.”

I have been fantasizing about applying.  I even picked up an application.  But I keep stopping myself.

“What would people say if they saw an Image Consultant working at a grocery store?!”  *GASP*

In this time of holiday gathering, I found myself at a Female Attorney’s Bar Association Christmas party.  How in the world I managed to bring up my grocery store job fantasy?  I am still not quite clear.  But it’s me, and that’s what I do… open my mouth.

I am so glad I did!!  A judge in town HAS A CASHIER JOB at one of my favorite grocery stores!!  No joke.  She said her daughter was mortified that she would do such a thing.  The daughter was worried what everyone in town would think. This Judge, and amazing person, explained how she did not care.  It’s a wonderful atmosphere, the people are all so nice, as is the discount, and she couldn’t be happier that she decided to do it.

If I was looking for permission, it just fell in my lap!

I could have tackled her out of sheer joy.  She’ll never know how happy that made me.  How much it has affected me.

Stop worrying about what everyone thinks!!!

If a grocery store is your spa, you be there in any capacity, as often as you can be.  Write down the five things that are important to you.  What are you not achieving?  Go do it.  Stop whining about it and figure it out.  No matter what brings you joy, do more of it.




*disclaimer:  except for doing drugs, I do not condone drugs or harmful activities.  do less of those 😀 😀 

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