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15 May 2017

FW Living Mag Styling (May Issue)

I started selling the J.Hilburn brand of clothing last May.  A top performer in the company introduced me to the brand and I ended up LOVING the quality and the fact that it was all custom made.  (Custom made went right along with my desire to change the fashion industry to create less waste.)   I also had a grand scheme in mind…it would be the perfect vehicle to get me in front of company owners and C-Suite Executives to build the Corporate Training arm of Hill Image.

I found little luck selling the brand: most people in Fort Wayne either (A) blatantly told me that they do not care about their attire or (B) they were loyal Christopher James Menswear customers.  I had no desire to take business from CJM and I didn’t have the tenacity to try to convince those males who did not care about their appearance to do so, as that was not the goal I had for my Hill Image business.  **Eye on the prize.

I did, however, hit a home run when I met with Business People Magazine owner, Dan Copeland.  Not only did he take the time to meet with me when he didn’t have any time to give, but he was engaging and interested and, dare I say, believed in Hill Image and my talent.  Through that meeting, Dan and his team asked if I would help style their quarterly Fort Wayne Living Magazine fashion spread.  OF COURSE I would love to!

And here is how it went:

Step 1:  Determine the trend to feature: DENIM JACKET

Step 2:  Shop stores/ brands that I felt the target client for FWL Mag would buy


Step 3:  Secure models and make-up artist for the photoshoot

Beauty By Peg

Step 4:  Show up at the photographers and start steaming!


Step 5:  Hang out and have fun while the models work their swerve

Step 6:  Return all items

Step 7:  Provide pricing details to FWL Mag editors



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