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29 Jul 2017

“Man Shoulders”

Men are blessed if they are born with (or can sculpt) broad shoulders and a thin waist.  The straighter the more powerful presence they exude.

Women… are not.  We desire to deemphasize broad shoulders to ensure that we still look feminine.

It’s no lie, as long as we stand tall and recognize the power broad shoulders possess, we have ourselves a built in power posture.  But when you are 16… how excited are you to have “Man Shoulders”?

Because I also tout the Big V (small hips, no butt, and broad shoulders), this client was relatively easy to shop for 😀  Teens, however, are MUCH MORE CONCERNED with the approval of their peers than they are with an Image Consultant’s fashion direction.

We Inverted Triangles must wear straight leg pants to deemphasize the shoulders.  We must provide illusions of curves by wearing peplums and pencil skirts.

Left: Good! straight leg jeans + contoured shape top Right: Bad skinny jeans + boxy top 

What do you do with a teen/tween who can’t see the difference?  PUMP up their confidence level in whatever they ARE wearing!  Skinny jeans show off their amazing legs!  Tell them!  Explain how great they look in a racerback swimsuit or a raglan sleeve T-shirt!

We can do this painlessly, together!

Call me, to take your teen/tween shopping:  260-205-2505

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