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11 Feb 2017

Pack 1 suitcase, for 1 week, with endless options

Now don’t tune me out or think I’m crazy until you hear me out… or see the photos I took of all the outfits I just UNpacked from a week’s vacation recently.

First, I have a few questions for you.  Typically we begin the packing process by evaluating the WEATHER and your trip AGENDA.

  • What is your next step?  I’m going to guess you start by creating outfits: Tops with bottoms. STOP doing this immediately.  This is how we end up with 9 pair of shoes and an entire shoe suitcase.  START BY CHOOSING THREE PAIR OF SHOES.  Yes, only 3 shoes.

1st step: three pair of shoes

  • Bottoms are required in most business establishments 😀 so choose Three pair.  Maybe 4 if they take up minimal space in the case.
    • Jean or 2 pair of shorts
    • Good travel pant (preferably in a straight leg)
    • Leggin (only to be worn with a top that completely covers your rear) or a capri

2nd: 3-4 bottoms

  • I don’t know about you, but I prefer to wear a top with my bottoms.  This is where most of your expression will come in.  Throw in a bathing suit cover up if you’ll be swimming.  This counts as a top.
    • 2 jackets/ sweaters/ sweatshirts
    • 4 shirts
    • 1 cami

3rd: 2 jackets, 4-5 tops

  • 1 dress
    • Drop a pant and top from above if you want to bring more dresses
  • Accessories are key to every outfit.  These will create different looks and you won’t even notice that you brought anything less than your full closet.
    • Do you realize that you only wear 20% of your closet?  … so packing for a trip is only anxiety inducing because of that whole “fear of missing out” thing.  Even though you pack 27outfits for 9 days, you’ll only wear 5 pieces. 😀

4th: Accessorize

**What to do if you shop while you’re out of town and only take one suitcase?? You are allowed two carry-ons.  So you ditch a purse and opt for a large tote.  DO NOT fill the tote on the way out there.  Leave this mostly empty and only buy what you can carry back in this tote.

don’t forget the boots

Add foundation garments, hair product, meds, etc.


Here are the outfits I created with all the above stated items:


The majority of the items used here are Perfectly.Me.  They are a fantastic quality that is ideal for traveling.  I also love them because they are offered in 30+ colors!  I LOVEEEEE COLOR!


Have questions?  Call me:  260-205-2505.  Let’s get together for a Complimentary Consultation.  A great way to try out my services is the Wake-up Call.  Call or email me to get this party started!

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