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10 Dec 2016

PB Buzz

Personal Branding is profitable.

On average, we speak 7k-20k words every day.  Although it’s hard to quantify, it is said that we type 700-4000 words in any given hour depending on your profession (or your emotional state).  When you create a personal brand, every word you speak, type or even think, starts to align with your ideal self.

We are judged within the first seven seconds of seeing someone, purely on our outward appearance and our non-verbal communication.  Every item of clothing you purchase and wear will speak the words you want others to use when describing you.

We have all written goals and have been involved in writing company mission statements.  Vision boards give us something tangible to look to for inspiration when meeting those goals.  We’ve all made one.  But what would happen if we zoomed out 20,000 feet and evaluated our image/brand in this same way?  What would your brand say about you?  What would your vision board of outfits, hair, accessories, shoes look like?

What did your last three phone calls sound like?  Who did you speak with at the last philanthropic event?  What did you “like” in the past two weeks?  What adjectives do you think others use when describing you?

All of these answers and more make up your Personal Brand.  Is your brand where you want it be?  Are those adjectives the ones you want others to use when describing you?  You have the power to create your ideal you.  Write a personal mission statement and vision statement.  Determine those adjectives you want others to use.  ASK others for their unbiased feedback.


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