Grace H.

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Project Description

Transitioning into teen years isn’t always easy.  Often times our bodies transform based on our activities.  In Grace’s circumstance, she is a swimmer.  Swimmer’s take on an inverted triangle shape.  I loved this client because I, too, have an inverted triangle shape body.

Quick tips:  look for raglan sleeves (baseball style), avoid boxy tops (definitely don’t pair boxy tops with skinny bottoms).  Straight leg pants, no skinnies.  An easy adjustment for teens is to look for t-shirts with a girly touch or different colored pocket.

When thinking about hair styles, you must consider your forehead size.  If you have a broad forehead, you will want to add sweep across bangs.  If you have a narrow forehead, you should wear full bangs that start farther back on the top of your head.