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Project Description

This young mom received Hill Image as a gift certificate from her husband.  Like some of my receivers, she was NOT excited about the gift.  After I spent time with her in her closet, she turned that scowl upside down.  We had a lovely and very productive time in her closet.  She even thanked me at the end and confirmed that she was excited to go shopping together and even enjoyed the Wardrobe Evaluation.

You can see here that the outfit on the right provides a much leaner silhouette.  Our direction for our shopping trip will be to find tops that fall from her bust, not cling to it, to eliminate the emphasis of her midsection.  We’ll also make sure her pants fit well so that she is not tempted to adjust them continuously throughout the day.  This will help her move out of the “workout” clothes and into a chic casual look while off the clock (and a professional look while on the clock) that ensure comfort and credibility.