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2 Mar 2016

Revealing Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for years and they’ve increased in popularity more now than ever but are they acceptable and appropriate in all settings?

Tattoos are a form of self expression for many and as they’ve gained popularity, the way they’re perceived has changed as well.  If you’ve considered inking your body, there are still some things to consider.

Over the years, tattoos have become more accepted in American culture.  Nate Click, Owner of Black Anvl says while working in the industry he’s noticed big changes in both people’s perceptions and the people who are actually getting the tattoos.

Click says, “People that are heavily tattooed are not always synonymous with being the most professional, which in the past 10 years there’s been a great resurgence of people trying to portray tattooing as a positive.  Which, I am not saying every tattooed person is the classiest person.”

“With any group, you’re going to have some people that ruin the bunch for everybody but I feel that more and more professionals are getting tattooed.  Whether they be doctors, whether they be teachers, whether they be really anything instead of associating tattoos with a type of person.”

Click says they represent an expression and communication.

“It’s something that people can grasp on to regardless of their situation in life.  They can communicate a death, a birth, a marriage, a divorce, a promotion, getting fired so it’s something that’s going to be around the test of time really.”

Leslee Hill of Hill Image Consulting says although perception of tattoos may have changed, when it comes to women and tattoos, she still believes it’s not an equal playing field.

Hill says, “I wholeheartedly agree and think that women still have that bias against our bodies.  That it’s not necessarily ours, it’s society’s and so what we do with our bodies, what clothes we wear, how we decorate ourselves still is really heavily influenced by what other people think that women should do.”

Because of this, she says women should think smart about where they get the tattoo.

“The one thing to think about with tattoos is how easy it will be to cover up in those settings where you are not as accepted by showing them.  I would say on your legs or on your feet, those are the two places where it is the easiest to cover up. Or your back, or your midsection.”

Hill says both men and women should always be cautious about showing tattoos when in the workplace.

“When you’re in a professional setting, you don’t want to bring your personal life in so dominantly into your professional setting that it rocks the boat. Again, you have another hurdle to jump when it comes to getting to the next spot even keeping your current position and more so even gaining the job.”

Tattoos continue to spark interest with TV shows centered around them such as Miami Ink and Black Ink Crew.  The increase in tattoo conventions around the world also but the bottom line is while they are  gaining popularity, they are not always accepted in every setting and that’s something you should consider when making the decision to get inked up.

Source: Revealing Tattoos