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21 Jun 2016

Sitting in it

The whole concept of the movie Inside Out centers around letting yourself feel your emotions.  Sitting in them for awhile, if you will.  Well, tonight I finished the last service of a package purchased by a fantastic client.  It’s always a strange feeling.  One of elation: as if you are seeing your child take off riding a bike after hours of running behind them as they practiced, and one of sadness: because you know they will fall at some point and you want to be there pick them back up and tell them it’s ok.

It may be funny to be so emotionally invested in clients when your career is called Image Consulting and your vehicle is the wardrobe.  But, just as food is to some, shopping is to others… and all of it is a much deeper rooted seed.  There are feelings of inadequacy and rejection that are uprooted during this process.  Some are completely self-inflicted, others are not.  The thing is that it doesn’t matter where they come from.  These feelings need to be acknowledged, forgiven, and dispelled.

When a package or service concludes my clients and I feel an awkwardness as we hug or shake hands good bye.  We’ve been through so much together.  There’s that time when she got stuck in a shirt in the dressing room and I had to help her out and we laughed so hard we cried.  That time that he had to admit, to himself and me, that he is fat but he doesn’t want to look sloppy or lazy.  That time, while in nothing but her undergarments, she disclosed how deep her mother’s words wounded her even though she didn’t know the words were overheard.  And that time when she realized she just really don’t like herself right now.

I want to be there next week when someone compliments them so that I can give them a HIGH FIVE and see how much that compliment means to them.  I want to be there in 3 months when the lows start to creep in, the adrenalin regulates, and the drive can not be found.  I want them to turn to me without hesitation and grab that pick-me-up that is eagerly awaiting them.

For some the connection may be lost.  Like a teacher and her student, that closeness may have faded and they’re almost embarrassed to reach out to share even the small victories with me.  Too exposed and too much time passed.  But like a teacher, I remember their names and the moment they “got It” and I can feel each victory with them.  I need to come up with a better system than reaching out through email to make sure they feel the love beyond the honeymoon period.  Because each and every interaction I am blessed to be given is more than “what not to wear” could ever be.  It’s a bond that I am not willing to disappoint.

Cheers to two years and counting and all the adrenalin rushes to come!  Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.24.40 AM

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