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13 Jun 2017

(song) Wake me Up Before You go go

Often times clients are eager to go shopping because they feel they have NOTHING to wear.  I really prefer to start in the closet.  What we are used to seeing day in and day out, and skip over, may be the best thing in your closet!

Let me introduce you to two recent clients.  The first, we’ll call her Smitty,  (“why Smitty?”… I have no idea), was a bad girl and did not start on her homework before I arrived 😀

BEFORE photo

Smitty has been shopping weekly or monthly looking for the piece that will make her feel GREAT about herself.  She has gone up a couple sizes and just feels bad about herself.  🙁 🙁 Because she dreaded confronting the issue, we took 3 out of 4 hours discerning which items should stay and which should go.   It breaks my heart.  I desperately want to help her.  After we were done with her closet, she had REALLY cute items just waiting to be worn!




The second client is Mary.  Mary was proactive and went through her wardrobe piece by piece prior to my arrival.  She was AMAZED by the amount of outfits she had NEVER put together.  In the 4 hour Wardrobe Evaluation we were able to simply focus on creating outfits instead of clearing out.  We determined she didn’t need to go shopping ; she had what she needed right in her closet.


















Wardrobe Evaluation Homework:  

You will create 3 piles of clothing prior to my arrival

  1. items that are too big or too small
  2. items in question, but don’t really want to give away just yet
    1. Not sure about the color or fit, but liked it when you bought it
    2. Not sure what to wear it with
  3. items kept due to sentimental reasons ONLY
    1. How much it cost at time of purchase
    2. Place of purchase (another country, person you were with, person you received it from, etc)
    3. Previous “life”— felt really good when you wore it 20 years ago, but is no longer in style



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