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25 Feb 2017

I wore these pants yesterday… and the day before yesterday…

Do you find yourself wearing the same pair of pants day after day?  Not a pair that look like the pair you wore today, but literally the same pair?

You are not alone.

Meet Hallie.  Hallie is in her 30’s, unwilling to wear her correct size, yet wanting to feel good about her image.

Hallie Before photos

This pant predicament is shared with me every single day from women Hallie’s age to women in their 60’s. More often than not, this comment comes from people who fluctuate in weight and do not want to purchase clothing in their current size.

They either wear that pant until they find holes in them or the seam begins to rip out.  There are also times that they simply squeeze into the pair day after day only feeling comfortable when they do not fully button the pant (no one can see the button undone when it’s hidden under a jacket or shirt).

If you find yourself wearing the same pant or the same jacket day in and day out.  Don’t wait to call to me.  Invest in a healthy mindset NOW.  Hallie and I shopped at Clothes Mentor and found gorgeous items WITH TAGS STILL ATTACHED.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look and feel good about yourself.

White House I Black Market pants NEW with tags $9.00.

Calvin Klein dress NEW WITH TAGS for $11.00

Worth dress $11.00.

Hallie’s breakthrough moment: “I would never had pulled these items from the rack.  I just wouldn’t have. But I look good!”

Call me.  Investing in a shopping trip or a wardrobe styling session literally can change your mind about yourself.  You can see yourself in a whole new way.  You can see how beautiful you are, exactly as you are now.


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