About Leslee Hill

“Who’s that girrrrrrl?”


I love to be silly and make people laugh when I’m not being professional. Though I am a mother of a four year old daughter and a seven year old son, sometimes I feel like I am babysitting and one day soon I will be able to sleep past 6:00am.  My husband loves me for my cooking (sarcasm) and my friends love that I am always available for drinks (sarcasm).  I love me for my addiction to working and deep need to travel (luckily my husband is THE best travel partnersarcasm free).

What I want to do for this world in my career lifetime:  reduce Fashion Industry- created waste, ensure better working environments for fashion employees, globally, eliminate “trickery” around fashion-based consumerism and re-teach society how to shop so that every closet can be a happy place.

My favorite sound in the world is the sound of laughter.  My favorite smell from here to the heavens is the perfume of women who have raised me (and my dad’s shaving cream).  The best taste from here to Timbuktu, is anything edible and Meijer chocolate chip cookies.  And my favorite feeling is when children take your hand to play with them.

Ohhhhh, you’re wondering who in the world I am to provide image direction?  Well,

In addition to my Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design degree, I have designed and developed goods for 15 years for companies such as:

Spiegel Catalog Co, Icelandic Design, Vera Bradley Designs, The Good Ones

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